We offer a 360 design experience

Architecture, interior architecture, interior design, furniture design, project management and consulting.

We stand alongside our clients throughout the entire project: from the early feasibility studies and concept outline to site monitoring and actual implementation. All while considering your wishes and needs, the particularity of the space and, especially, the predetermined budget.

Project management

Our team of architects and engineers is with you throughout the entire project, which will help you save time, energy, and resources.

We closely supervise the works on the site and we are always in contact with our team of designers and engineers, that have a vast work experience and offer high level services.

For you to benefit from a smooth and swift design process, with a result that exceeds expectations.


We are proud of a team made up only of architects with professional education and proven experience and we have a close collaboration with specialized engineers, architects, and designers. This plus factor allows us to offer complete architecture and design services, from concept, to authorization and implementation.

We believe that we have a unique, integrated, holistic design approach that allows us to develop innovative, sustainable, and eco-friendly solutions. Our recommendation is to opt for both services - interior architecture and interior design (as appropriate) - which will guarantee a harmonious, unitary design project in line with your expectations.

Furniture design

arhAB studio offers you a personalized furniture design service, along with a complete furniture plan (from the selection of materials, finishes, lighting pieces, sanitary ware, to visits to furniture showrooms). We count on a network of reliable suppliers and partners, with vast experience on the market, that offer the highest quality products.

Moreover, our team of specialists is in permanent dialogue with the architects and furniture designers and supervises the execution process of the furniture pieces so that you can only enjoy the final result.

Interior design

Our mission is to design inspirational interiors that reflect your lifestyle, preferences and provide comfort at home. For this purpose, we redefine the space in a creative way, always paying attention to the aesthetics and functionality, comfort and the feeling of well-being, offered by a familiar space called "home".

We provide complete design services, while 3D images created in-house allow you to experience the final design result, in accordance to your vision. The technical execution plans and the product sheets come together to result in a functionally correct and aesthetically pleasing project. At this stage, we also offer consulting and guidance for the choice of lighting fixtures, sanitary ware, or electrical, depending on the complexity of the project and at your own request.

An important aspect that we have in mind is the optimization of the budget so that we can submit the best solutions within the budget threshold established at the start of the project.

Interior design consultancy

It consists of careful counseling and the study of the living space which outlines the personalized design project, in line with your requirements and expectations.

The consultancy process usually lasts between one and two hours, and it consists of discovering and carefully analyzing the space you want to transform. During our visit, we offer design recommendations and suggestions, on multiple levels: space optimization, color palette, integration of finishes, lighting fixtures and sanitary ware etc. This interaction is also an opportunity for you to ask us about all the curiosities and design questions that might concern you. The consultancy is personalized, depending on the particularities of each project.